Verdicts And Settlements

Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Hospital and Physician Malpractice, Hospital Malpractice and Medical Malpractice

Pharmaceutical company’s 
product liability failure to properly warn of risks of serotonin syndrome: $23,950,000 settlement

Medical Malpractice, Pharmaceutical Injury
 – $20.5 million jury verdict in Houston County. Pope v. Akorn, Inc. Medical Malpractice, Pharmaceutical Injury – Our client, Ann Pope, suffered Serotonin Syndrome, a serious central-nervous system reaction caused by the combination of Defendant Akorn, Inc’s drug, Methylene Blue, and a prescription medicine Ann was taking. The drug company, Akorn failed to include a warning that its Methylene Blue had this dangerous side effect.
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Medical Malpractice, Hospital Injury – $9.25 million settlement against hospital and doctors for failure to diagnose spinal cord compression leading to quadriplegia.

Medical Malpractice 
of attending OB/GN, residents, and nurses for failing to treat eclamptic patient, resulting in Wrongful death: $6,450,000 settlement

Client injured by dangerous farm equipment on defendant’s property: $3,000,000 settlement

Client sexually assaulted in major national university dormitory: $2,500,000 settlement

Wrongful death of college student struck by a vehicle: $1,500,000 jury verdict

Medical Malpractice 
of surgeon in failing to come to hospital to assess patient with severe abdominal pain resulting in Wrongful Death: $1,350,000 settlement

Hospital and ER physician’s Medical Malpractice for failing to diagnose sickle-cell crisis resulting in Wrongful death: $1,325,000 settlement

Hospital and Physician Malpractice 
– Wrongful death, failure to diagnose, treat, and transfer three year-old in sickle cell crisis:
$1,350,000 settlement

Medical Malpractice 
of surgeon in laparoscopic cholecystectomy: $1,325,000 settlement

Medical Malpractice
 of surgeon for injuring patient’s bile ducts and liver vasculature, resulting in loss of portion of liver and bile ducts: $1,000,000 trial verdict – Carmen v Aho, MD, Colquitt Regional Surgery, LLC.

Medical Malpractice
 of Emergency Room physician and physician’s assistant (PA) for failing to diagnose and treat patient’s airway occlusion, resulting in Wrongful death: $1,000,000 policy limits settlement.

Hospital Malpractice –
Nurse improperly inflated a Foley catheter causing severe urethra and bladder injuries:
$900,000 settlement

Failure to timely diagnose 
lung cancer in 57 year-old patient: $850,000 settlement

Medical Malpractice 
of ER doctor and hospital resulting in Wrongful death: $675,000 settlement

Medical Malpractice 
of Internist who ordered antibiotic to which patient had a known allergy, resulting in Stevens-Johnson syndrome: $650,000 settlement

Medical Malpractice 
– Plastic surgeon applied incorrect chemical cautery to patient’s eyelid, causing severe scarring and vision: $500,000 settlement

Jordan v. Beinhauer, MD Jury Trial Verdict of $409,000, plus attorney’s fees and costs of $151,488 in Superior Court of Dougherty County for Medical Malpractice involving overdose of Amitriptyline on patient in hospital following double knee replacement surgery

Man burned on the job: $285,000 jury verdict in Dougherty County

Substantial Confidential Settlement
Medical Malpractice of urologist and hospital for wrong-side stent placement. This settlement was reached before litigation, saving significant time and expense. Personal injury and Medical Expenses: Substantial Confidential Settlement.

Medical malpractice: Jury trial and confidential settlement during deliberations for injuries caused by plastic surgeon during jaw surgery

Medical malpractice: Confidential settlement for injuries caused in PACU following plastic surgery soft tissue procedure

Physical and mental/emotional injuries of a minor child abused in a preschool: Substantial confidential settlement

Hospital patient fall: Substantial confidential settlement

Sexual abuse of minor while at school: Substantial confidential settlement

Failure to diagnose lung cancer by physician: Substantial confidential settlement

Hospital, pharmacy, & physician medication error: Substantial confidential settlement

Wrongful death of ER patient: Substantial confidential settlement

Wrongful death and personal injury of surgical error: Substantial confidential settlement

Personal injury for blood thinner medication error leading to multiple amputations: Substantial confidential settlement

Nursing malpractice by home healthcare nurse: Substantial confidential settlement

Motorcycle collision in which driver’s employer vicariously liable for the negligence employee while traveling to work: Substantial confidential settlement

Pharmacy malpractice of National retail pharmacy in dispensing incorrect dosage of Loxapine: Substantial confidential settlement

Pharmacist’s malpractice of retail pharmacy in dispensing incorrect dosage of Potassium supplement: Substantial confidential settlement

Medical Malpractice of mammogram tech who allowed elderly patient to fall and suffer head injury: Substantial confidential settlement

Medical Malpractice of Veteran’s Administration physician for failure to follow-up on MRI, resulting in advanced brain cancer: Substantial confidential settlement

Truck wreck: Confidential settlement for client injured when a tractor-trailer collided with his pickup.


Final resolution of first-party cancer policy dispute: Substantial confidential settlement from cancer policy insurance company for the insured individual

Wrongful denial of property insurance claim: Substantial confidential settlement