At Phillips Law, we know how much one careless act can affect the lives of the victim and their family. We are committed to listening to your case, and fighting to achieve the result you deserve. Our track record speaks for itself:

Let’s Get

Free Consultation

We talk confidentially and with no obligation. You pay nothing.

Information Gathering

We get the records and consult with experts.

The Demand

We send a demand package to the responsible parties and their insurers.

Early Resolution

Sometimes they respond reasonably and your case can be resolved out of court.

The Lawsuit

If not, we file and fight for you. We consistently win some of the highest verdicts in Georgia.

We Have Obtained Multimillion – Dollar Verdicts And Settlements

While it says something about our skills and ability, it really represents the degree to which our clients have suffered. We help individuals and families as they deal with the aftermath of these very serious injuries.

We develop a deep, personal relationship with our clients, and we know what they go through. Our goal is to reduce their pain and stress and help them receive the compensation they need to secure their future after significant injuries.

A Tireless Advocate Protecting Your Interests