After A Missed Or Delayed Diagnosis

All medical malpractice cases are complex, but an experienced lawyer can make a difference. At Phillips Law, we have successfully handled numerous medical malpractice cases because we understand what is necessary to win under these challenging circumstances.

Phillips Law helps medical malpractice injury victims in Georgia who have been hurt by a missed or delayed diagnosis. These cases are always difficult, but we have the experience to protect your rights. We will aggressively seek the compensation you need for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Our firm also represents families that have lost a loved one to wrongful death. Let’s talk about your case in a free, confidential consultation.

The Process Of A Medical Malpractice Case

In missed or delayed diagnosis cases, you need to show factual evidence and expert medical testimony that your doctor, nurse, hospital or clinic made an error in judgment, departed from the standard of care and caused you to suffer a significant injury. Studies have shown that juries are very deferential to doctors. We recognize this and work to develop a truly compelling case with substantial factual evidence and supporting expert witness testimony and exhibits.

We will examine your medical records, consult with the appropriate experts and develop the clearest picture of what happened, who’s responsible and why. Then our firm will send a demand package to the negligent parties and their insurance carriers. If they are willing to negotiate, we may be able to resolve the case without going to trial. If not, we will pursue compensation in the courtroom. Our firm has the trial skill and experience to zealously advocate for you at trial.

What Caused Your Injuries?

When you suffer harm due to a delayed or missed diagnosis, it may be because of issues such as:

  • Physician inexperience
  • Failure to order tests or failure to interpret them correctly
  • Failure to follow up with you

These types of errors may lead to the progression of your illness, sometimes to the point that treatment is no longer an option. You deserve compensation and justice; we will work hard to see that you get it.

Learn How Experience On Both Sides Of These Cases May Help You

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