Careful Investigation Into Pharmacy And Medication Errors

Medication is one of the most vital components in treating most illnesses and conditions. When a doctor, physician assistant (PA), nurse practitioner, nurse or pharmacist makes a mistake, the patient can suffer severely.

Phillips Law is one of the only firms in the area with an attorney who has the experience and medical understanding to successfully handle these cases. We have spent decades handling medical malpractice and prescription error issues. Our firm will skillfully evaluate your case, put together a strategic approach to hold the responsible parties accountable and litigate if necessary to get you the fullest compensation possible, given the details of your case.

Skilled Representation Following Pharmacy Malpractice Or Wrong Drug Errors

Medication errors can occur in a broad range of settings and situations, including:

  • Doctors prescribing the wrong medication or a wrong dosage
  • Medical providers failing to determine if the medication is contraindicated itself or in combination with others
  • Nurses confusing prescriptions between patients in hospitals or care facilities
  • Nurses administering incorrect dosages to patients
  • Errors being made during in-patient procedures
  • Doctors and other providers, such as pharmacists, miscommunicating
  • Either the staff or the pharmacist making pharmacy errors
  • Doctors or staff administering overdoses

If you have been harmed because of a medication, we will carefully investigate the details of what occurred and what should have been done. Our firm works with top experts throughout the country as well as medical professionals locally to put together a solid case on your behalf and prove liability. You can rely on our experience, medical understanding and litigation ability to ensure that your case is in capable hands and that we will work to recover maximum damages on your behalf.

Our firm provides a free initial consultation to discuss the harm you have faced because of prescription errors. To learn more and schedule a meeting, contact our Albany office by calling (229) 212-4125.