Achieving Justice In Sexual Abuse Cases

Sexual abuse is both physically and psychologically devastating to the victim. When it could have been prevented by someone in authority, there are legal steps that the victim can take to hold these individuals accountable for failing to see the danger and taking adequate steps to protect against it.

At Phillips Law, we have represented many individuals who have suffered sexual abuse that should have been prevented by those in authority. Our firm understands the deep pain you have already experienced and is committed to achieving full justice on your behalf against those who should have protected you.

We are mindful of the sensitive nature of these cases, particularly in child sexual abuse cases. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy. Our firm will carry the legal burden of the case, seeking accountability on your behalf as you and your family focus on recovering.

Unfortunately, sexual assault and abuse can occur where you least expect it. This can include schools, day care facilities, universities and the workplace. School administrators, teachers, principals, managers, employers, security guards, coaches, medical personnel and other people in authority positions have a duty to protect those in their care and to be vigilant for dangerous people or situations. When their negligence or carelessness results in or even facilitates sexual assault, we will seek justice.

Helping To Stop The Abuse

At Phillips Law, we will thoroughly investigate all areas of possible negligence, including lack of proper supervision, inadequate security, failure to conduct background checks, failure to monitor sex offender registries, failure to alert individuals to danger and the overlooking of troubling signs of danger.

We are highly skilled in this area of law and are equipped with the experience and know-how to strategically and swiftly hold responsible parties accountable.

Get A Confidential Consultation

Our firm offers free and confidential consultations to individuals who have suffered from sexual abuse. To learn more, please contact our Albany office by calling (229) 212-4125.