You Need A Strong Advocate After A Surgical Error

Undergoing surgery and other procedures can be a frightening ordeal even when everything goes as planned. If there were errors made in the process, the results can be catastrophic or fatal, and the situation is further complicated.

At Phillips Law, we understand that you and your family may be facing a very difficult future. Our goal is to help you recover compensation from the negligent parties. We will collect your medical records, discuss the issues with relevant experts and explain how your injuries occurred. Next, we send a demand package to the responsible parties and their insurers.

When they negotiate fairly, we are often able to settle the case out of court. If not, we will pursue damages at trial. Please call us so we can discuss the specifics of your case in a free consultation. From an office in Albany, our firm represents people injured by medical malpractice in Georgia.

A Deep Understanding Of The Complexities Of These Cases

These types of medical malpractice cases are very challenging and demand a very carefully built case. Most likely the case will be very evidence- and exhibit-based, showing exactly the time frame, flowchart, map and graphics of the surgery or procedure that failed and left the victim injured. There will be many depositions of everyone in the operating room during, as well as before and after, the surgery. There may be many witnesses, and your lawyer will need great skill at cross-examination and the ability to build compelling arguments.

Injuries from surgical errors are often life-changing. They typically require additional surgeries, therapy, rehabilitation or substantial accommodations, as well as lifetime care and follow-up medical treatment. We will consult with experts to determine the amount of compensation you need for loss of income, medical bills, and reconstruction of your home and vehicles, if required. Additionally, we work with surviving family members in wrongful death cases, seeking damages for expenses such as funeral and burial costs, the loss of the deceased’s future income and the personal loss of a loved one.

Some of the most common surgical and procedural errors include:

  • Anesthesia errors
  • Wrong site surgery
  • Leaving surgical equipment inside the patient
  • Post-operative infections
  • Not monitoring the condition of the patient before, during and after surgery

These are just a few examples. Please consult with us if you do not see the error that injured you.

You Deserve Justice And Compensation

You put your life and your trust in the surgeon’s hands. If they failed you, you have the right to seek compensation. For a free consultation, please call Phillips Law at (229) 212-4125 or complete a short intake form.